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Part of the nscience family, nscience publishing house is an independent publisher of practical, clinical-application oriented books covering the practices of psychotherapy, counselling and psychology. Our authors are well-known luminaries in their fields. Through their books, they aim to provide practical, intellectually stimulating content that has been distilled from years of clinical experience; while drawing upon the latest advances in the fields of psychodynamic theory, CBT, integrative approaches, Gestalt methodologies and neuroscientific findings (to name just a few!).

Whether discussing the coming together of efficacy driven approaches or using case-vignettes – our books have a simple objective – equipping you, as a practitioner with tools and skills that you can apply in your practice.





Our Story
The last few years have witnessed a number of changes in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling. Neuroscientific advances have corroborated a number of psychodynamic ideas, practitioners have increasingly started adopting more integrative approaches to therapy, while time, as well as monetary constraints have prompted a search for newer, efficacy proven, models of psychotherapeutic work. We wanted to do things differently from the very start – offering access to new ways of working, cutting edge research and clinical thought to practitioners around the world, unfettered by ties to a particular discipline or modality. To this end, we have delivered more than 400 seminars, workshops, online webinars and conferences to psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists worldwide and remain committed to providing world-class, practical content over the years to come.
Our Philosophy
As an organisation and a team, we are committed to ensuring that our conference delegates have access to the best therapeutic tools and techniques available today, in any part of the world. To this end, we continue to ensure that world-class content gets delivered at our events, through both offline and online means, in the form of continuing professional developmental (CPD) programmes, delivered by globally renowned experts; such that psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists feel supported and intellectually challenged at each training interaction.
Our Vision
To provide world-class, cutting edge, continuing professional development programmes for mental health professionals around the world.
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Working with us:

We welcome manuscripts from both published and unpublished authors in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology and counselling. We provide a supportive environment for up-and-coming authors, giving them a fair deal, access to excellent editorial staff and support with the writing process.

We promote the works published by us through online as well as offline channels, including social media, online publications, online partnerships with other organizations in the field of psychotherapy and neuroscience as well as live conferences and seminars.

If you wish to submit a manuscript of your work, please send us the following: